Working With Me

Therapy with me is a gradual process of getting to know one another.

First, you will do a lot of story telling and I will do a lot of listening and asking detailed questions. I will want to know not only what you think, feel, and wish for, but also what you experience as you tell your story.


You can expect that we will talk about our relationship as client and therapist, and ask about what may be happening between us. You can expect that I will be rather straightforward when I think you need to hear it like it is. Some may refer to this as “tough love.”

I will not make a pledge to “fix you,” because you are not broken. I will pledge to help you uncover “what happened” because we all have a story. I will ask you to refrain from self-judgement and embrace an attitude of wonder about the various and complicated parts of yourself.


Sometimes, we will play, bringing in fantasy, dreams and humor. Sometimes, rather than talking, we will sit together in silence and notice what we feel. Sometimes, we will get stuck, this is a normal process in therapy and it means we have to shake things up.