A safe space to emerge from hiding

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If you are someone who has gone into hiding, I am here to help you uncover a greater sense of belonging.

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I'm Stefanie, emotional healing runs in my DNA, so naturally, this work feels symbiotic to who I am. I’m not the advice giving type, rather I aim to help you quiet the mental chatter that's not serving you, so that you may listen and act from a place of inner wisdom.

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A Safe Space To Emerge From Hiding

You have spent years keeping certain parts of yourself disguised from others. It feels safer to remain unseen. But that safety comes at a price. You feel you are navigating life all alone, it’s isolating and othering. You are ready to emerge from hiding, but you know you can’t do it alone.

The expectations of others and of yourself have made you feel like there is something wrong with who you are. You have dealt with this feeling of shame by going into hiding.

Your wise inner voice knows that this false sense of safety is keeping you stuck. You want more out of your precious life.

When we find safety within ourselves, the world around us can be a playground for exploration, rather than a house on fire.

While some become complacent, accepting that this is “as good as it gets,” the achiever in you longs for more.

In therapy with me, we aim to help you find freedom and safety in your own life. We do this by looking at the origins of whatever drove you into hiding.

This curious and compassionate journey may allow you to make new choices about how you want to be in a relationship with yourself and others.

Get MORE out of your precious life.